Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation and Investigations

Keven is experienced and qualified in four separate but related areas, those being conflict resolution, negotiation (including with unions), mediation and investigation (including misconduct and harassment). His entire career, prior to becoming a consultant, had him engaged in these areas regularly and successfully. He has been formally involved in negotiation with local and provincial teacher unions, mediated conflict between and among employees, and completed thorough and respectful investigations into misconduct and harassment.

Keven’s training and qualifications in these areas come primarily from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.  Building on his considerable experience on the job as a principal and a superintendent he completed an Associate Certificate in Conflict Resolution (2017) with the JIBC and is completing (early 2018) his full Certificate in Negotiation and his full Certificate in Mediation. He is also qualified as a mediator and mediation trainer with the Mediation Training Institute of Eckerd College in Florida.

Keven has also been trained in level one investigations (misconduct) and level two investigations (intensive harassment investigations) through the BC Public School Employers Association in partnership with the JIBC.  His academic leadership qualifications (to the doctorate level) also align well with these domains.

You can call Keven at 1-250-415-2546 or reach him by email at